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Research Consultant, CA Qualitative Research


Specialises in B2B and B2C qualitative research from Asylum seekers to Barbie NPD. 30+ years of experience, yet retaining passion and curiosity, as I am still fascinated by what makes people tick and their relationship with products, brands and services.


Qualitative face-to-face or telephone/VOIP expertise in social, charity, energy, FMCG, automotive, financial and Health.

I have interviewed children to MDs and enjoy the variety of topics research projects provide. Whether you need extra hands to deliver a project from moderation only to full reporting, I’d love to be part of the team.

I enjoy evaluating how people make sense of the world and how this relates to brands and services. Not relying on just reported behaviour, but exploring through ethnographic methods the distance of perceived and actual actions.


Trained with top agency AGB (now Kantar), created a partnership company and have been a freelancer for the majority of the time, exploring areas such as policies, branding, NPD, packaging, and service satisfaction. I’ve worked directly with clients such as O2, but most of the time have been part of other agency teams such as BMG, Ipsos Mori and Spa Future Thinking.

Based in the North East, although I am happy to travel wherever the work takes me, I’m ideally placed for projects in the North and a short distance from Scotland. I combine curiosity and insight to explore how people live, think and act, examining products and services to provide actionable recommendations delivered in a creative yet informative way.

I have had the insight of being a part-time energy adviser for 2 charities so have first-hand experience of the impact of the current energy market on the population.

Outside work I am a keen tennis player, Captaining the Ladies First Team. I dabble in the frustrating game called golf. Living in Northumberland, I am spoilt by the fabulous walks and beaches and enjoy following a revived NUFC football team.


Contact details

Bristol House, Langley-on-Tyne
Langley on Tyne
Northumberland NE47 5LA