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Qualitative Moderator, Analyst, Linguist & Recruiter (Dutch/English)


Bram Provoost, with 18+ years in market research, offers bilingual (Dutch/English) qualitative insights, specialising in moderation and analysis, aiding organisations in healthcare and beyond to enhance outcomes and service delivery.


Fluent in Dutch (including Flemish) and English, Bram offers bilingual services to cater to diverse needs across the Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), the UK, the USA, and English-speaking Canada.

With extensive fieldwork experience in in-person, phone, and online modalities, Bram excels in moderating focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews. His strong linguistics background enhances his ability to analyse language and communication patterns, uncovering critical insights for clients.

Having lived and worked in the UK for 13 years, Bram has conducted numerous interviews with UK-based healthcare professionals and payers, making him highly knowledgeable about the UK healthcare system. In recent years, his focus has expanded to the USA, where he has developed a deep understanding of the American market.

Services offered in Dutch (incl. Flemish) and English include:

  • Moderation: TDIs, FGs etc.
  • Analysis: Primary & secondary analysis – content analysis, topline/summary, detailed CA
  • Linguistics: Translation, transcription, proofreading
  • Recruitment: Online, CATI, Qual TDI, Qual F2F, etc.

Committed to empowering organisations with informed decision-making, Bram aids in elevating products, services, and customer experience through comprehensive and insightful market research.


Based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Bram Provoost's professional journey has led him through diverse roles at organizations such as Adept Field Solutions and KeyQuest Health Ltd., highlighting his steadfast commitment to excellence.

Bram recently expanded his expertise beyond healthcare by successfully completing his first qualitative B2B project, co-moderating focus groups on high-tech horticulture innovations. This experience underscored his ability to apply his skills in new sectors.

As a freelance moderator, analyst, linguist, and recruiter, he adeptly navigates various methodologies, therapeutic areas, and sectors, facilitating seamless engagement across Dutch and English-speaking markets. Please feel free to reach out if you require assistance with moderation and analysis in both Dutch and English.

Bram's linguistic expertise transcends basic communication, imbuing each project with profound cultural insights. His innate curiosity extends beyond professional realms, driving him to explore global cultures, enriching his research approach.

Rooted in a dedication to empowering organizations with actionable intelligence, Bram stands ready to elevate your market research initiatives, fostering informed decision-making and driving transformative outcomes.