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bob's your uncle


We are a qualitative research and ethnography consultancy based in London. Our purpose is to inform the strategic and creative development of brands and brand communications, in the UK, USA and internationally.


Qualitative research and ethnography, across varied sectors including: OTC healthcare, alcoholic drinks, food, finance, technology and non-profit.

Our varied background means we provide smart and pragmatic insight, to help our clients develop their brands and grow their businesses.

We work in a highly collaborative way with our clients, whether a start-up or large multi-national. Matt and Dee lead every bob's your uncle project, bringing in other Director-level specialists as fits the research challenge.

We also love to collaborate with other independent researchers whether bringing people into our team, or me joining another researcher's team.


bob's your uncle is a consultancy of 2 directors each with over 25 years experience, mainly in qualitative research and ethnography, and also as client-side researcher, advertising planner and academic social anthropologist. We have run agencies in the UK and US.

When I am not chatting to, and sharing experiences, with people for a project, you are likely to find me at a gig somewhere in London or wherever I happen to be.