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I am a passionate seeker of insight and information. I love the online environment, I also love looking people in the eye. I enjoy the distance that technology can put between us and the people we seek information from, and I enjoy the opportunity to understand another person's world by sitting and talking face to face.

These days I describe myself as an ‘omni-researcher’, which means that I cover qualitative and quantitative methodologies both online and face-to-face. In the online world I conduct major tracking studies, real time reporting, online research communities and ad hoc quantitative studies. I manage several long term online research communities, working closely with brands to get a unique insight into the minds of their customers.

I work with High Tech Development as consultant and developer, most recently working to help create a new secure online streaming tool for focus groups and IDIs called HT FACE.

I also study the in-store shopping experience - a fascinating area where emotion and habit overrule logic when it comes to making purchasing choices! I work as a consultant to Field Agent in the UK helping to design and deliver in-store research projects mapping the customer journey.

My face-to-face work includes focus groups and individual interviews - I also end up doing a lot of telephone/web interviews (must be the 'voice made for radio' that helps!). With my colleague 'The Data', I am 'The Pogo' in Datapogo - a micro business focussing on data visualisation and automatic reporting.

I share my knowledge of the market research industry by delivering bespoke training courses and offering consultancy services for market research agencies wanting to develop and grow.

I've been a member of the MRS for 30 years and was made a Fellow in 2014, I spent 10 years as a Council member for the UK’s MR trade association, BMRA. I recently finished a 3 year spell as Chairman of the ICG (a 400 strong group of independent expert researchers) and now work on the ICG’s awards programme.


My passion is to understand the relationships between consumers and brands and see how they can be improved to the benefit of both parties.


Employed Career:

  • Unilever Research
  • Research International
  • Michael Bungey DFS

Own Business Career:

  • Strategic Marketing Research
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • Telephone Research Company


  • neo:researcher
  • Blauw Research
  • DataPogo