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The Buzzz Ltd


The Buzzz specialises in helping our clients make more emotionally intelligent decisions regarding their brand, market or product strategy. We focus on emotional connections and touchpoints because these are the points in a customer journey that count.


The Buzzz provide a range of qualitative and quantitative services through online, offline, international and continuous approaches. Our biggest asset is our Network of Partners connecting specialists in both research and wider marketing specialities to provide clients with a big agency offer in a neat boutique-style package.

All our work is ad hoc meaning we have to constantly adapt and update our approaches. We have successfully updated a number of tried and tested methods from the 80's and 90's which provide significant advantages in specific circumstances - get in touch to learn more.

We specialise in the over 55 market as well - this is our peer group and the fastest growing and wealthiest sector of the population - find out more about 'The Second Adolescents' by talking to us or access a range of relevant case studies of projects conducted for some of the biggest brands with a focus on Gen X and Boomer consumers.

Vastly experienced, Emotionally intelligent and Strategically relevant - above all we deliver Clear, Simple Insight.


The Buzzz has two key players who have been together for more than 14 years.

Alan Bowman - Founder has a background in client, ad agency, marketing consultancy and throughout a deep focus and interest in emotions and consumer decision making. Alan has worked with some of the biggest brands and smallest startups as well as some incredibly sensitive and demanding Social Research projects which touch on Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Assault and Living with Cancer. A believer in the adage that 'you never stop learning' Alan is a mentor for the MRS in qualitative research and also founded and owns a successful independent coffee business called North Star Roasters.

Will Redding - is our Quantitative Lead Consultant and expert in crafting and delivering stories told through data. His ability to simplify and condense makes data analysis and presentations sing. Father to three boys and Park Runner as well as Junior Rugby Coach keeps him busy and active.