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Research Consultant, Oulton-Lee Research Ltd


Specialising in the charity and not-for-profit sectors, Oulton-Lee Research Ltd is a longstanding research consultancy with a proven track record for efficacy and value. We are experienced in providing a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


Oulton-Lee Research Ltd takes the time to understand your organisational environment.

Research methodologies adopted are specifically tailored to client needs.

Every research project is custom-designed to accurately meet client objectives.

Often a mixture of qualitative and quantitative analysis is beneficial to get a full understanding of an issue or problem.

Oulton-Lee Research has built up long-term relationships over time with many clients, providing research services as required.

Our aim is to provide strategic information to ensure that organisations with limited resources can move forward with maximum effectiveness by reducing risk.


Working for over twenty years in consultancy hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm to align myself closely with individual organisations and work with them to meet their information needs. Many of my clients are working to benefit people in deepest need around the world, and I am passionate about helping them to work on their strategy, messaging and positioning to optimise their work and ministry.

I am also a therapeutic counsellor with a private practice seeing individuals and couples. I feel that my training and experience in counselling informs and enhances my research work by going deeper with respondents in terms of attitudes, motivations, perception and behaviour


Contact details

40 Fairmount Drive
Leicestershire LE11 3JR