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TS Research Assistant

Virtual Research Assistant


I can help with research administration and project management to free up your time and headspace - so you can stay in your zone of genuis and add more value for your clients.

I can be integrated seamlessly into your organisation, with a consistent email address and branding – meaning no confusion for clients or participants


  • I can handle large and complex projects with multiple team members and locations, keeping everything running smoothly
  • Planning, logistics, venue booking, shared drive management, creating forms, processes and filing systems
  • Team and client communications, liaising with recruiters or fieldwork agencies
  • Providing solutions when a project hits challenges


  • I am a former Clientside researcher and experienced in commissioning research
  • Commissioning partner agencies – sourcing agencies, initial enquiries, agency shortlisting, sending RFQs and agency selection
  • Ongoing communication with partner agencies


  • Whether you are recruiting in-house from lists or using recruiters, I can help
  • Liaising with recruiters or fieldwork agencies
  • Recruiting from lists via email (no telephone recruitment)
  • Setting up screeners e.g. Google Forms, SurveyMonkey
  • Responding to email queries from participants and chasing non-responders


  • I make running an online forum much easier – an extra pair of hands when you need it most!
  • Setting up online forums (e.g. Liveminds, Web Creator Suite, Recollective)
  • Whilst you are busy moderating I can monitor progress, chase up non-responders and replace them with fresh participants when needed
  • Processing participant payments (e.g. using TransferWise)


  • I can help with those time-consuming jobs which, in the agency world, you would give to a Research Assistant
  • Updating / checking research materials – screeners, showcards, brand cards, discussion guides
  • Researching and booking venues
  • Presentation template set-up
  • Checking, proofreading and editing presentations


  • I’m an experienced transcriber with a good ear, willingness to persevere, and a fantastic eye for detail
  • Transcription, notes, summaries and notes & quotes


  • Setting up online screeners and questionnaires
  • Questionnaire checking and testing
  • Data inputting
  • Coding / analysis of open-ended responses
  • Charting
  • Charting and adding charts to PowerPoint – you just add the commentary
  • Checking, proofreading and editing presentations


  • WordPress website content management (publishing blog posts, updating images & text)
  • Creating and scheduling MailChimp newsletters


My research experience means I can handle specialist research tasks.

I speak the research language so briefings are easy, and I understand the ever-changing research world and the challenges you are up against.

I am happy to dial in to calls and follow up with notes and action points.

I can work with any electronic system that allows remote access.

I have a good knowledge of SurveyMonkey, Liveminds, Web Creator Suite and Recollective – and I’m always happy to learn new systems.


I worked in market research for twelve years prior to starting TS Research Assistant, including nine years as a Research Manager at a major High Street Bank.

My career has spanned everything from recruiting respondents and coding questionnaires to influencing business decisions through insight – and I have worked both Clientside and agency side.

In 2001 I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Psychology from the University of Leeds. I have fifteen years’ experience in research and marketing in the financial, education and social research sectors.

I started a transcription business in 2016. After more than a year of working with independent researchers and learning what they need support with, I launched my Virtual Research Assistant business in 2017.

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