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Very experienced, trilingual qualitative researcher, moderator and consumer insights expert.


As a researcher

Moderation of groups and workshops

Co-creation workshop, Interactive consumer-client workshops

Expert interviews

Individual interviews

Shopping Experience


Single country analysis, multicountry/multicultural analyisis

Providing directions for video editing

Analysis & interpretative report writing

Debriefing: from informal (to UK colleagues)  to more formal (as part of the team, in final client presentation)


Field Organisation Support

Coordinating multicountry studies (France , Italy, Germany, Spain and other european and non european countries)

Selecting the venues

Supervising the whole fieldwork, briefing simultaneous translator, notetakers



Insightful and unconventional qualitative (and quantitative) data analysis. Effective and inspiring communicator in delivering actionable research findings and marketing recommendations. Excellent moderator, coach, and mentor.

Strong experience in handling cross-functional and multicultural research projects.

An innovator, developed agile research methods, her own projective techniques, holistic and hybrid research approaches that work effectively across countries and cultures. 

Clara has been using ethnography internationally long before it became adopted by market research.

Un unwavering passion for mixing Design Thinking, Sensory Analysis & Sensory Semiotics, Storytelling, Ethnography in a multicultural, multidisciplinary, cross-generation perspective.

Sensitivity, authenticity, openness and proven experience in handling the most challenging and ‘delicate’ research topics.

Areas of expertise

  • Consumer Insights, across cultures. Evolving Consumer Needs, Values and Behaviours
  • Food cultures, hybrid eating and cooking styles
  • Innovation for the future: new hybrid values and lifestyles
  • Creative insights for new brands/products/services
  • Creative concepts development and evaluation. Communication and Positioning strategies
  • Challenging research areas, sensitive issues
  • New living and working styles, New housing solutions
  • Living well and Ageing well.  The role of seniors and oldies in trans-generational  co-creation projects.  Experts in ‘Getting old & being old tomorrow’.
  • Design Thinking and User experience, Cross-generational and cross-functional approach to product design and architecture
  • Sensory evaluation, Sensory semiotics®


  • Automotive
  • FMCG
  • Food and Drinks
  • Flavours & Fragrances
  • Functional & Emotional benefits
  • Luxury and ‘New luxury’
  • Fine fragrances
  • Beauty
  • Personal care
  • Home care
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Nature and “Natural”
  • Handicap and Potential
  • Healthcare
  • Cure vs. Care
  • Care and Caregiving

Strong believer in 'Human' and human-centricity and in giving voice to unheard segments of the population.


Qualitative Marketing and Social Research and Communication have always been Clara’s passion and primary focus. She strongly believes in the importance of developing a ‘research mindset’ as an added value, no matter what the profession. And in helping others to develop qualitative research skills and methods, as well as analytical skills.

Clara brilliantly achieved that through teaching, coaching and mentoring activities. For her own Clients. Through her own companies/ventures. On behalf of Associations and Universities.

Founded and directed (1982-2012) MARKET  DYNAMICS  INTERNATIONAL  srl  (MDI), based in Italy (Milan and Rome) with office facilities in France (Paris and Grasse). A well known cutting-edge ‘boutique’ agency specialised in conducting international studies and in strategic consulting. for both local and global clients, and profit and non-profit organisations,

Directly involved in all of her company’s projects, for both local and global clients, and profit and non-profit organisations, Clara Origlia now works in her own name CLARA ORIGLIA - CULTURES & STRATEGIES, as a freelance Consumer Insight Expert, Qualitative and social researcher, Moderator, Strategic Consultant.

Other relevant experiences

Speaker at numerous international seminars and conferences. Clara was part of the ESOMAR Council for three consecutive mandates, 2003-2008, involved in both event strategic planning, and analysis of members’ evolving needs to inspire new strategies for growth. On behalf of ESOMAR, Clara held (1998 -2010), pre-conference workshops, master classes, seminars on her most popular topics in the area of Qualitative Creative Interactive research methodologies. Worldwide.

IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan (2007-2010). Professor at Master Course in Architecture, Interior Design, Packaging, Lighting, and Design Management. Teacher in ‘Design thinking” and “ Developing a research mindset for a consumer driven, user oriented approach to design”  .

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan (2007-2010). Professor at Master programme courses in Qualitative Methods for Research Applied to Social Research. Teacher in “Semiotic analysis of visual artifacts”.



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