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A passionate, engaged and eclectic marketing and social researcher with more than 30 years of expertise in consumer insights and multicultural analysis. Very creative in decoding cross sensory and emotional complexity. Clara can provide unconventional interpretative keys for actionable insights.


I have developed a unique international consumer insights expertise by working directly with local and global clients, communication groups, multicultural teams, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. I enjoy sharing, projects with international research colleagues.  I work in Italian, French and English.

I conduct single phase or multiphase projects and use qualitative and creative research methods: depth interviews, expert interviews, focus groups, co-creation workshops, creative labs ethnography.

Full service – from project design, set up and management, to moderation, analysis, reporting and final presentation.

Specific components of a research project.

Or I can contribute separately with an analysis of specific topics, to help clients go the extra mile and provide more strategic or creative insights based on cultural specificities. I also develop and moderate workshops and themed events and seminars on demand (meant for internal or public use, or both).

I particularly like to explore, capture, bring out the potential in ideas, products, brands, services, places. And to work on the dynamics of evolving needs, values, trends, meanings in specific theme areas, product categories.

I am passionate about Sensory semiotics, Design and Architecture, Innovation, Branding, Cultural Identity, Longevity and Ageing well. Sustainability and Quality of life.




Interested in combining research and human sciences, since young, I started my career in the consumer and social research department of a leading Italian research agency. I soon decided to work independently, which I did for a good ten years before setting up my own company, MARKET DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL Srl (1982-2011), a boutique agency specialised in qualitative multicultural studies and strategic consultancy, with headquarters in Milan, Italy, and a base in France. During those years I was the sole provider (1997-2008) for all qualitative studies conducted in Italy on behalf of The European Commission – Qualitative Eurobarometer. I ran workshops and Masterclasses in Qualitative Research methods (1998-2008) on behalf of ESOMAR worldwide, I was member of the board of ESOMAR for three mandates (2003-2008)

In 2012 I decided to continue as a freelance consultant, as CULTURES & STRATEGIES, and focussed on my major areas of expertise.

Since 2006 I have been lecturing in qualitative methods for marketing and social research at Master level programmes. Since 2021 I lecture on Sensory and Experiential marketing in the MSc Marketing track Flavours and Fragrances, Université Nice Côte d’Azur.