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Qualispace, Spain

Your qualitative research partner in Spain for great consumer insights and cultural context.


  • Empathetic and skilled moderation: focus groups, IDIs, in-homes, ethnography, online communities.
  • Being the Spanish lead in post fieldwork analysis sessions with research agency / client teams; helping uncover cross-cultural insights.
  • Facilitating in-house workshops.
  • Input / translation of stimuli into Spanish where needed.

The kind of categories I've researched include the following FMCG and B2B sectors:

  • Food & Drink
  • Kids TV & merchandising
  • Personal care, beauty, health & well being
  • Education (exam providers)
  • IT hardware & software suppliers
  • Telecomms, TV & Media
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Automotive.

The kind of people we talk with come from all walks of life and are of all ages:

  • Mums, dads, kids or all the family
  • Teens, students, millennials
  • Starts-ups, SMEs and high-flying business people
  • Difficult to find targets.


When working in the UK, I was passionate about international research and now that I’m based in Spain, I believe that I truly understand what researchers conducting qualitative research need from their local partner.

I believe in ...

  • Cultural insight and context setting - I understand that international research is far more than a linguistic issue but cultural, historic and contextual. As a bilingual and ‘bicultural’ team we ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Complete dedication - I’ll personally look after your project from start to finish, briefing recruiters, moderating, dedicating time to analysis and interpretation and ensuring that feedback is relevant to the big picture.
  • Creative consultancy - going beyond your brief and offering more ways of looking at brand and product issues.

My speciality is working on branding and positioning work, concept evaluation, NPD and general consumer understanding, using the best tools for each job whether they be traditional focus groups, IDIs, ethnography or online communities.


After starting my career in qualitative research in the UK, I followed my passion and moved to Madrid in the year 2000, eventually setting up a boutique, full-service agency in 2003 (El Patio Insights). Since the year 2008 I’ve been working in partnership with a Spanish independent qualitative researcher, as Qualispace. Throughout this time, my working philosophy remains the same as ever; to truly engage with consumers to discover what really moves them in order to uncover bright, bold ideas with potential for clients and relevance for consumers.