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International Qualitative Researcher offering full service (briefing to fieldwork to debrief) and project management in several languages. Experienced in FMCG, Healthcare, Tech & Media, Social and Travel. Also a practising Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor interested in the psychology behind behaviour.


I work on UK, Irish and International qualitative research projects and also speak Spanish and Portuguese so conduct fieldwork in these languages.  I moderate on and offline focus groups, set up, moderate and analyse online communities, moderate depths and ethnographic interviews as well as conducting observations, intercepts and desk research.  I am also a practising Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist and Mediator and am experienced with sensitive interviewing.

Most recently (beginning of 2022) I have been working on subjects including:  Ensuring Safety in Online Dating; Diagnostic Tools for Physicians; the Treatment of Teenage Girls in Irish Sport; Optimal Refurbishment for a UK Hotel; the Psychology behind Choosing a Psychic in California; Providing Equal Opportunities in UK Sport (through Faith Centres); Understanding how Young People make Smartphone Decisions; New Layout for Waitrose Magazine, and much more!


I am interested in people and behaviour, and have always loved exploring other cultures and traditions, hence learning languages, living abroad, studying Psychotherapy and Mediation and volunteering in various countries.  I love Qual for its people and psychology focus and particularly advocate for the depth and insight that Online Communities now bring to the research world.

Personally, I was born in Lancashire and previously lived and worked in London, but now work out of my home in the West of Ireland.  I love motorbikes (I rode to Turkey and back a few years ago on my current Honda NC750S) and find that riding down the coast is very similar to a meditative practice!  I'm also interested in healing and alternative therapies and am qualified as a reflexologist, aromatherapist, reiki healer, NLP Master and dog trainer, mostly for fun!  I also love musical theatre, spirituality, walking in the countryside (rain or shine) and of course animals - especially dogs.  I've completed several research projects in the past on dog food or pet food stores, but would love more!

I love the variety of people, personalities and projects that my work brings into my life.