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MD, Wardle McLean


Qualitative research with a behavioural flavour, consumer and B2B, UK and abroad, on a ridiculously wide range of topics, using any approach that suits the project, budget and deadline.


Qualitative research consultancy, UK and abroad.

Study and apply the lived experience in (largely) commercial contexts.

Brand development: positioning, npd, brand extension;

Communications: propositions, strategic and creative development;

Experience: ethnography, observation, customer/user experience;

Creative: workshops, facilitation, idea generating.


I got into research by writing to Mary Goodyear of MBL about chocolate biscuits. Six months later I was on a plane to Abidjan thinking, 'this is the best job in the world'.

It still is.

I moved to SRG and worked with Roddy Glen and Barry Ross on advertising research and stayed so long I became the MD.

I set up Wardle McLean with Judith Wardle in 1996.

I specialise in brand, communications and experience research. I see my job as engaging with the right people in the right ways, to help clients make the best decisions.

Outside work I am a photographer, musician, part-time cyclist and a full-time dad. I live in Hackney, east London.