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Wilson Qualitative Research Consultants

Small qual consultancy based in France with plenty of experience and goodwill


The answer for in-depth quality research in France

Jonathan Wilson set-up Wilson Qualitative Research Consultants as a full service Paris- based qualitative market research agency in 1997.

The outfit's intent and purpose is to help clients - whether brands or research agencies - understand the French market and customers. And we feel we are in a unique position to do so through our experience, skills and bi-cultural background.

We like to question, no question about that! Question to better understand what's happening and why it is. And with that, explain it so that clients can, in the end, make the best informed marketing decisions.

Working a great deal on international studies, we know how to 'fit in' and match the requirements a leading agency will undoubtedly have, the aim being to help them as smoothely as possible for the local leg we're involved in. We'll also contribute helpful advice and suggestions, at a practical or strategic level, to be as best a team-player as you can find.



In all its forms and richness, whatever the topic.

We master most methodologies, from IDIs and focus groups to online communities and ethnographic interviews, including filming, editing and sub-titling...

We work on:

  • concepts
  • NPD
  • positioning
  • branding
  • communication and advertising
  • design
  • customer satisfaction
  • web usability
  • etc.

Although an expert in no particular field, with the years, working for a great deal of brands, WQRC has covered many topics and fields, some many times, some only once. At any rate, we are interested in questioning, challenging and ultimately learning, and feel we do in every project we conduct.



Born and educated in France from British parents, with close ties and family in the UK, Jonathan likes to think he offers the best of both worlds... whatever these may be!

Studying marketing and psychology, gradually homing on market research, Jonathan has worked in a handful of agencies in France and in the UK before setting up his own outfit. With now over 25 years of qual practice.