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Matt Hester Insight and Strategy Consulting

Tailored insight and strategy solutions for B2C and B2B


A full range of insight-based and outcome-driven bespoke projects designed to support client growth initiatives. All projects start with a conversation, and if necessary a brainstorm, to frame the issues and agree what constitutes success for the client. What this consistently shows is that no two clients’ needs are the same and that the most effective and attainable business outcomes are those that can be expressed in the simplest terms. Simplifying the complexity of decision making is how I help clients.

Recognising that clients have different levels of market maturity, the approaches to projects are tailored accordingly:

Rapid growth: Start-ups and other small businesses often begin with a great idea but need to find a way of positioning key benefits to the right customers. Category entry requires an understanding of consumer dynamics such as user profiles, current usage patterns, brand preference and unmet needs. A survey-based category evaluation will provide the key insights to help position the client’s proposition and brand in the most effective way, by identifying the best opportunities for differentiation.

Margin growth: Established businesses have well known products and brands but often struggle to generate and sustain profits in competitive environments. This can be caused by a range of factors: poor customer service, homogenised propositions or uninspiring marketing messages. A market health check can flag up the issues causing stagnation and provide the basis for strategic initiatives to get back to growth. These could include new product ideas, customer prioritisation and brand repositioning.  

Brand diversification: Saturation forces business to look at adjacent markets for new opportunities. The decision to enter a new market needs to be based on a balanced view of the size of the opportunity and the scale of the risk. Brand stretch and resonance could be an issue, as well as loyalty to existing brands. As part of a comprehensive market review, depth interviews and a target consumer survey can measure the size of the new opportunity, identify the white spaces for diversification, the consumers to target and the messages which will resonate.


I offer a broad range of methodologies and supporting resources:

- online surveys & sampling

- telephone interviews

- desk research

- concept evaluations

- depth interviews

- market sizing

- GTM strategy

- market reports

- B2C/B2B

- UK and International


Over 18 years’ experience in client and agency side insight and strategy roles: 

-          Head of Consumer Insights at Nielsen UK and member of Commercial Management Team

-          Director at Ipsos MORI, responsible for ad hoc projects in TMT sectors

-          Also held roles at the BBC, Analysys Mason, Gartner Consulting and MetrixLab

-          Extensive experience in a range of disciplines: new concept evaluation, brand tracking, segmentation, U&A, campaign evaluation, GTM strategy, market sizing, competitive evaluation.

-          Extensive experience of project types: small, single market projects with quick turnaround to very large multi-country and multi-year tracking studies.  


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