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Industrial & B2B Marketing & Research


Industrial & B2B Marketing & Research.  Engineering, Energy, Environment, ICT (Industry 4.0 Technologies), Logistics & Transport.

  • Online, database & desk research (comprehensive experience & expertise)
  • Depth & telephone interviews.
  • Database development - using SwiftPage Act Professional, Excel  or client's own CRM system.
  • Customer satisfaction & benchmarking, competitive intelligence.
  • Marketing strategy & development.
  • International research.
  • Exhibitions.


  • Capital Equipment, IT and Technology Services, understanding complex industrial specification and decision-making procedures.
  • Engineering / Manufacturing Industry.
  • Energy - Renewables, Hydro, On & Offshore Wind, Wave & Tidal, AD & Biogas, Solar, Nuclear (including decommissioning), Natural Gas, Biomass - the manufacturing, marine development and construction supply chains and market trends for key energy sectors.
  • ICT - Industry 4.0 Technologies (Including AI, IoT, Big Data & Analytics), Connectivity in Industrial & B2B applications.
  • Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Ports, Supply Chain Technology, ICT (Full Member of CILT).

GRA undertakes all work in accordance with GDPR on the basis of 'Legitimate Interest' in the Products and Services concerned in each project.

Strong knowledge of Energy, Construction, Logistics, Transportation and Port developments throughout the UK and globally.

Partnerships - often worked as a research associate in the past and open-minded to appropriate ideas, brainstorming for collaboration & joint ventures in the future - for example; multi-client studies, technology development and digital marketing etc - to optimise skillsets.

International research - many years experience in Europe, Asia and China projects.  Particularly interested in Japan, China/HK, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.



Over 30 years Industrial and B2B Marketing & Research experience, working independently or as an associate on marketing, research & strategy projects for agencies and clients directly. Previously worked in manufacturing industry following a business studies education at Staffordshire and Aston Universities.  Full member of the Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics.