10 Golden Rules of Global Research

12 Apr 2019 | Research & Business Knowledge

The world is getting smaller and smaller every day, thanks to how easy it’s becoming to connect with people from every corner of the earth.

But this brings with it its own challenges – how to develop a global brand strategy that is meaningful at a local level and accross cultures. 

And research solutions also need to take account of these differences – each market is different, will 'do' things in a unique way and have nuances in methodologies, profile criteria and social norms that need to be fully understood and accomodated in both the devleopment of the project and the output.

MindSpark has developed '10 Golden Rules of Global Research' – broken up into planning, fieldwork and insight phases of the project.  A useful reminder of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid those 'obvious' mistakes …

PDF reproduced by kind permission of MindSpark.