10th Anniversary Celebrations!

01 Mar 2012 | ICG News & Announcements

10th Anniversary Celebrations!

ICG Birthday Party in the Midlands

10 years of the ICG and 10 ICG members from the Midlands – 3 from Nottingham, 2 from Lichfield and the others from Leicester, Leamington Spa, Repton, Northampton and Wellingborough, so a wide distribution from across the region.

We gathered in the Flagstaff Room of the Lace Market Hotel, one of the more interesting hotels in Nottingham, opposite the Galleries of Justice and up the road from the Nottingham Contemporary, so some history and some culture after lunch if required. We found that most of us had met before over the years, and although it was good to have the room to ourselves, the long table made it difficult to chat to anyone at the other end once we’d sat down! But we were able to admire the balloons and flowers which decorated the table, and we bathed in the sunshine coming through the Georgian windows! Being lunchtime, we were fairly decorous (in comparison to some of the other ICG birthday events), but even so the noise level rose, especially as we discussed the exciting dishes put before us – even Masterchef hasn’t produced a ‘confit duck ballotine’ to lead to the level of mirth coming from Lynne and Susan!

We tried to get a few mug shots i.e. photos of discussion along the table, but the shape of the room was not ideal for this, so Mike Harrison (by then the only man left, Richard Horswell having gone to save his car from a parking ticket) suggested our valiant waiter could get one of us all – and here it is. We look quite pleased with life, after a good lunch, a good chat and some super cake, a chunk of which should soon be enjoyed by the committee, courtesy of Lynne attending her first meeting as our Midlands’ representative.

The rather large purple balloons (#1 & #0) were last seen drifting along with Susan hanging on underneath, taking them for her 10 year old daughter – seemed only appropriate.

Group with cake and balloons

Lynne with cake

Susan with No.10

The Cake


Our chairman Andrew Smith organised a celebration at the 606 Club in London.  Here’s our Royal Correspondent’s report on the event :

A ‘morning after’ feeling blankets The Palace, and my brain, after the 10th birthday ICG night out at the 606 Club in Lots Road:

We parked right outside in the dimly lit and deserted street, ringing a bell on a wire grilled door which buzzed open onto some stone steps down into the club.

The only nod to modernity compared to visiting a club in the 70’s was the lack of cigarette smoke.

Wooden tables and chairs are arranged right next to the band, the walls are decorated with etchings of singers and musicians from years gone past.

The ICG party has two tables, Debbie Bray and Mike Chagouri have already arrived, and we join them.

We start the evening with nachos smothered in tomato salsa and melted cheese, and wine.

Our waiter Jason tells me that this part of the dinner has negative calories, and we tuck in with gusto.

The wine flows freely and our voices get louder as Andrew steps over to greet Mike Joseph and welcome some late arrivals.

We choose delicious food from the small menu, and the musicians and singer appear in front of us and start playing.

Jandira Silva’s warm and mellifluous voice flows over us like honey, and Andrew observes that Iris, who is Brazilian herself, is joining in and singing along.

The rest of us who can only imagine what the songs are about – it must be love of course – can enjoy the emotion, sound and rhythm of her voice.

She’s accompanied by her band – a pianist, base player, guitarist and drummer.

Janet Kiddle tries to imagine which member of the band Jandira is in love with, she thinks it’s the guitarist but I think it’s the drummer.

We are asked to keep our voices quiet while the music plays, and more bottles of wine are ordered.

On two occasions wine gets knocked over, fortunately when I knocked a glass onto Matt the wine was white.

Alan Reynold’s guest enjoyed herself so much she spilled red wine in the course of an extravagant gesture, but we all escaped unscathed!

Soon it’s time to cut the 10th birthday cake, kindly brought by Andrew and cleverly decorated, with 10 pink and blue candles.

The candles are lit and blown out, and it’s more wine and cake all round.

At some point someone says that Frank Winter was called the most handsome man in market research.

No wonder Jaqueline bagged the seat next to him; in fact he was surrounded by glamorous French Ladies as Genevieve also sat with him.

Frank was definitely attracting the exotic as much later in the evening on his table, astonishingly, May was showing photos of herself with Aung San Suu Kyi on her mobile phone!

John Habershon, who really looks like he should have been a rugby player, but who assured me he wasn’t – ever – is a very funny man and makes us laugh until we want to cry.

All the while, Andrew is discreetly keeping an eye on us all to make sure everyone is happy and looked after.

It was a great choice of venue, and arriving home about 1.00 all I could think was – thank you Andrew.

We really are lucky to belong to the best Group in the world!

Happy 10th birthday ICG – I wonder what we will do for our 15th – or do we have to wait that long?

Princess Corky

Happy Birthday ICG!

A very posh cake for a very posh celebration


Take it away Jandira, obrigada!

A happy band of ICGers

A happy band of ICGers


Our brave new member Jane Woolley organised a celebration in her home for all members near Didcot.  That cake also looks delicious!

Happy Birthday ICG!

ICG’s tribute to Arthur’s knights
(Front then left to right)
Jane Woolley – at front in orange jumper (the host)
Kirsten Dougal-Biggs (Henley-on-Thames)
Jackie Weaver (Oxford)
Karen Wigley (Chippenham)
Caroline Pakel-Dunlop (High Wycombe)
Martin Holliss (who supplied the cake in the photo) (Didcot)
Mary Leslie (Winchester)
Roger Titford (Hungerford)

Happy Birthday ICG!

What about sharing that recipe Jane, looks gorgeous!

Joint  BIG/ ICG Event in Manchester

The ICGers in the North had a very successful joint event.  We had an audience of 45, and the presentations plus Q&A were excellent.  A great mix of presentations and celebrations.

Happy Birthday ICG!

Another delicious looking cake.  Next ICG webinar : losing weight!

ICG Birthday Bash

A good opportunity for socialising, network and celebrating

Happy Birthday ICG!

With some serious work done too!