The MRS Inclusion Pledge for Independent Consultants

The ICG has worked with the MRS on an Inclusion Pledge which is relevant for ICG members/ independent consultants to encourage commitment to inclusive practices across the sector.  The Inclusion Pledge for Independents focuses on ensuring we work with others who are...

The Perky Poet (Nanda Marchant) with ‘The Respondent’

ICG member Nanda Marchant regularly pens poems which many of our members enjoy. Here’s her latest one. THE RESPONDENT   A lady collared me one day outside my local church She wanted willing volunteers to do market research ‘It’s just a chance to air your...

Introducing ‘From There To Here’ podcast

Michael Stone, ICG member and owner of Stone Market Research, has set-up a podcast ‘From There To Here’ in which he will talk to people in the public eye about their journey through life. The interviews will look at their journey and the key factors that have taken...

Rewarding on a number of levels – learnt loads and worked with buddies since

I met great people and with one of them started a really nice and inspiring and successful collaboration

You get to know other MR consultants better, give each other tips, potential for new business and collaboration

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