How to make the most of the egroup – and the etiquette to follow when using it

28 Apr 2021 | Official ICG Materials

With about 420 members on our egroup, it’s important that we all follow a set of guidelines to ensure that everyone feels comfortable using it and that it remains so valuable to members.


  • Note that the address for posting a question is
  • Remember that if you simply click reply to a post, your answer will go to the questioner only. If you want your answer to go to everyone, type in into the CC box, or click the reply to all button in your email client. The overall rule is that you should only post to everyone if your answer could be useful to others and you should NOT promote yourself to everyone.
  • Compare views, ask for advice, offer advice, post and respond to work opportunities or simply read and learn…about anything to do with being an independent researcher
  • Post a question from the same email address that you’ve used to register with the ICG, otherwise it won’t send
  • Use meaningful subject-lines, so that people can choose what to read. If the subject drifts within a post, please try to change the subject line (and put the original subject as ‘was xyz’ in brackets next to it)
  • Remember to quote only enough of the original email to provide context when replying and delete the rest of the original text before sending. This is especially important for those who receive the daily digest
  • Do recommend others (not yourself) if the question asks for it, and be as specific as you can, stating whether or not you’ve had direct experience of the person/business you’re recommending. Ideally, your opinion should be based on experiences within the last year
  • Be clear as to who the responses are for; are they for you, or for your client?
  • Remember that email is a text-only medium, so the people reading your messages can’t see that wry grin or hear the chuckle in your voice. If you are about to react angrily to something someone has said, bear in mind they might have been joking or merely intending to suggest an alternative point of view. Please do consider others and ensure that messages remain polite
  • Consider setting your email software to filter ICG emails into their own folder so you can dip in & out of them during the day as it suits you
  • Feel free to post some lighter messages as you see fit (particularly on a Friday), as long as the majority of posts are business-orientated
  • Turn off your messages whilst on holiday if you’d like to by going to and log in. You can then click on ‘Disabled’ next to Mail Delivery
  • Set your messages to daily digest if you’d like to using the same link as above and click on ‘on’ next to ‘set digest mode’


  • Promote your own business or services, unless it’s directly to the questioner (only) and has been asked for. Promoting your business should be done via your profile on the Find a Consultant service on the website (please update your profile there for maximum effect)
  • Forward any eGroup communication to non-members. Everything discussed on the egroup should be treated as confidential to the group. It’s fine to tell suppliers they were recommended by ICG members, but if you decide *not* to do business with someone (supplier or client) as a result of eGroup feedback, you must not mention this
  • Respond angrily or aggressively to a post if you disagree with it. Remember that everyone can see your response and ‘spats’ can easily escalate and upset people.

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