Stephen Bairfelt – Chair of the new B2B Research Network

28 Mar 2024 | ICG News & Announcements

By ICG member Stephen Bairfelt

I am delighted and honored to announce that I have been selected to be the Chair of the new B2B research network, which will work in conjunction with the Market Research Society (MRS).

I’ve always had a passion for B2B research and been involved in it for most of my career.

I want the new group to meet the needs of all who work among B2B audiences, whether that is as a specialist or the occasional participant. I plan a suite of new training courses, events, seminars and awards to promote best practice. I want to attract a mix of the inexperienced and experienced, foster an atmosphere of learning and also importantly provide a forum for both buyers and sellers of B2B services to meet regularly in an informal and friendly atmosphere.  I think this new group will be of particular interest to ICG members, many of whom are actively involved in B2B research.

Being able to work closely with the Market Research Society (MRS) will enable us to draw on the resources we need, as well as reach parts of the industry that hitherto have not been engaged with dedicated B2B interest groups, but could benefit from shared learning and experiences.

And what is really exciting is that the new network will offer ICG members, who also have an MRS membership, FREE access to any specialist resources and events.

The previous B2B network, the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) will be dissolved and replaced with the new group. I’m delighted to say that some of the existing committee members including Trevor Wilkinson, Jordan Wood and Amy Middleton will join the new steering group.  And ICG member, Liz Montgomery, has agreed to join and will be responsible for designing and delivering a new suite of B2B training courses.

This is a unique opportunity to start with a clean sheet of paper and so I’d be interested to hear from anyone who actively works in or has an interest in B2B in their views, opinions, thoughts and ideas on what you consider should be the priorities for this new group.

Stephen Bairfelt

Managing Director FMRS

Purple Market Research Ltd

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