2012 Question Time Videos

15 Nov 2012 | ICG News & Announcements

Our annual topical exchange of trends in marketing, research and business, along the lines of the BBC weekly programme features new ICG Chairman Arthur Fletcher in the Dimbleby hot seat.

Our panellists included:

  • Jane Frost, CEO, The Market Research Society
  • Pete Laybourne, Chairman, Fathom International
  • Emma Whitehead, Head of Digital Agency, Guardian Media Group
  • Leslie Sopp, MR Manager, Financial Services Authority; ex Chairman of AURA and of the MRS Management Board
  • Giles Finnemore, Market Development Manager, Royal Mail; AURA Council member

Catch up with video highlights below:

Q1. What is the Panel’s opinion on Unilever’s decision to run an accreditation programme for qualitative researchers…?

Q2. An increasing number of clients want fast research…what should we do as an industry?

Q3. Does the market research industry need to review what it means by market research and should market research training include other types of market data analysis and a broader range of management skills than it currently does?

Q4. With so many people cold calling, or stopping people in the street under the guise of market research when in fact it is a thinly disguised sales pitch, what more can be done to protect the good name of proper researchers and encourage participation?

Q5. Social media: what checks and balances should be put in place to ensure the increasing popularity of using social media as a research tool is both ethical and representative?

Q6. The MR industry is going through a period of considerable change. If you could have 3 wishes of how you would like the market research industry to look in 5 years time, what would they be?