2017 Global Respondent Engagement Study

03 May 2017 | Research & Business Knowledge

In 2016, GreenBook discovered that 'respondent experience' was at the bottom of the importance list when researchers were designing studies.  In response to this, frankly alarming, finding, GreenBook conducted a study which asked consumers what they thought of their experience participating in research – the study was conducted in 15 countries.

We should all be concerned about the results.

  • Only a quater of all respondents say that they are satisfied with their experience
  • Over half feel that surveys should be less than 10 minutes
  • Rewards and prizes are key motivators (although are not the only ones)

Delving into the detail, the bulk of the 6000+ interviews were conducted in the US and Canada (2600 responses), and Europe (with France, Germany and UK contributing around 500 responses each, and Spain 250).  Most of the sample was supplied by panel providers, so unsurprisingly the bulk of respondents usually participated in quant surveys (only 5% participated 'in person', with the bulk taking part through their computer or mobile device) and almost half participated once a week or more.

As a result most criticism appeared to be aimed at quantiative surveys, with 56% of respondents who had recently taken part in 'focus groups' saying that 'nothing needed to be changed' – this compares to 20% average, indicating that we do need to take a look at how we structure, present and administer online and mobile surveys.  The main issues appeared to be length of interview, over surveying, targeting, clarity and rewards.

The report ends with some suggestions as to how the industry can improve the respondent experience.   However, with the growth of DIY research, my fear is that these issues will get worse over time and ultimately compromise the quality and reliability of the resultant data… discuss!!!