Advanced Analytics Webinar

31 Oct 2013 | Webinars

This webinar explores the valuable tools that quant researchers can employ and build in to proposals to make their research really stand out and gain value for clients.

We are delighted to welcome two experts and foremost providers in the field to talk to you: Paul Carney from Bonamy Finch is joined by John McConnell from AnalyticalPeople, who work regularly with Cobalt Sky.

They introduce a range of tools between them ranging from segmentation and conjoint to decision trees and perceptual mapping. For each you will gain an understanding of what it does (in lay terms); how you explain it’s value to clients and when you can use it.

Download the pdfs of the presentations from the pane on the right hand side of this page.

John McConnell, Analytical People

Paul Carney, Bonamy Finch