An overview of Russian regions and cities

06 Jul 2016 | Research & Business Knowledge

Russia is becoming an increasingly important research market – but is often a bit of mystery for us researchers. The country is vast, at 17.10 million square kilometers, and is the biggest country in the world.

How do we choose where to go in such a big country? Which cities are ‘best’ for what type of research/ consumer/ demographic? How can we make sure our research is representative?

Marina Ponedelkova of Market Profile, based in Russia, has kindly provided us with a regional and city ‘crib sheet’. The presentation divides the country into eight federal districts and provides a profile of the four key cities within each district.

Download the presentation below – essential reading for anyone who is thinking about conducting research in Russia, and is a handy crib sheet to use when put on the spot by clients.

Many thanks Marina!

Click on the presentation below to download