Answers without Questions

05 Dec 2011 | Webinars

Arthur Fletcher chairs a lively Webinar with guests providing a wide range of perspectives and experiences of Social Media.

First off, Joanna Chyrzanowska provides a practical introduction to listening tools and privacy issues.

The webinar guests…

  • John Clarvis, Social Media Manager, MEC: Beyond Sentiment – Working Towards A Social NPS
  • Joanna Chrzanowska, Qualitative Mind: Listening Tools and Privacy Issues
  • Ivo Langbroek, Blauw Research: Analysis and Interpretation of Social Media Content
  • Steve Hallam, Hallam Marketing: The Impact of Social Media on Marketing Communications
  • Jaap den Dulk, Vondel Fontein: The Future of Social Media

Due to sound quality issues, John Clarvis' presentation is available only in PowerPoint.