As the next general election approaches, political lessons from the last 50 years

15 Feb 2024 | Research & Business Knowledge

Article from AMSR – Archive of Market and Social Research

Let’s time travel through politics: In 1974, late swings altered outcomes, mirroring today’s 17% Labour lead. The ’70 and ’74 elections teach us that secure leads can vanish as election day nears, shaped by changing voter mindsets.

This insightful analysis, courtesy of Phyllis Macfarlane and Peter Bartram, delves into historical data, including NOP Political Bulletins, Robert M Worcester’s ‘Pollsters, the Press and Politics,’ and ‘Britain Speaks Out 1937-87,’ among other AMSR – The Archive of Market and Social Research sources.

Explore more at AMSR Story: Political Lessons Learnt from last 50years unravelling the dynamic interplay of political shifts over the years. As we gear up for the 2024 general election, understanding historical patterns illuminates the road ahead.

Noteworthy similarities between 2024 and 1974 include the unpopularity of main party leaders.

Much like Wilson and Heath in 1973, Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer grapple with mixed perceptions per the November 2023 Ipsos poll. Party leaders currently trail behind their parties in public perceptions.

Now, are we all ready for the cringeworthy pictures over the next few months from various party leaders?