Award 2023: Meet our Finalists: Debbie Moorcroft for Hft

30 Oct 2023 | ICG Award

This was a piece of work by ICG member Debbie Moorcroft, Moorcroft Market Research, for Hft.

Hft: Evolving a charity to meet future needs of people with learning disabilities

Hft, who provide services to adults with learning disabilities, challenged us to design a programme of group discussions and an online survey which would be very widely accessible. A key aim was to identify what people with learning disabilities want in future, their aims and aspirations, and what this charity can do to support them to achieve these. We adapted existing methods in both qualitative and quantitative research for our participants with learning disabilities and complex needs. This audience is often overlooked, by market research, and by society as a whole. As a result of the research, Hft have begun work on revising their branding and services. This is firmly rooted in the insights we provided, so that their brand identity, messaging and communications will have the greatest chance of resonating with their key audiences.

Hear more about what Debbie has to say about this work and what it means to be a Finalist.