Award 2023: Meet our Finalists: Stephanie Holland for the Mayborn Group

30 Oct 2023 | ICG News & Announcements

This was by Stephanie Holland (SGS Research & Strategy /Hush Research & Strategy) for the Mayborn Group. 

Codifying connection for a better night’s sleep

Almost half of all new parents in the UK & USA state sleep deprivation has had the biggest impact on their mental health since becoming a parent*.

That’s why we were excited to help our client rethink their baby sleep solution which was ‘better’ than the competition (with stronger reviews / comparable price / distribution) yet performing behind the market leader. Myths aplenty they needed clarity to focus resources on the activities that would have the biggest impact on babies, parents and brand, without losing what was working.

By integrating independent expertise across ethnography, semiotics, interviews, review analytics and quantitative research we were able to visualise parents’ journey through an experience map and demonstrate the power (yet lack) of emotional connection. By taking this further into a 4-stage strategic plan, we achieved buy in and facilitated transformational change through a relaunch, which has already exceeded commercial expectations.

“The biggest difference for me for this research was that it took a full holistic approach – going way above and beyond just the right product solution but evaluating everything from brand recognition through to naming and awareness. What this allowed me to do was get the full business to buy-in to the project and understand their role in making this a success – we are often very guilty of thinking the product is a stand-alone thing but, in reality, we need everything to come together.”

Global Product Marketing Manager

Hear more about what Stephanie has to say about this piece of work and what it means to be a Finalist.