Award for Independent Consultants 2022: Finalist 1 of 4: Telltale Research

11 Oct 2022 | ICG Award

Challenging Pseudoscience: A case study on Covid-19 vaccine scepticism


Disinformation and conspiracy theories are becoming an increasing threat to society, as they challenge established scientific thought through fear mongering, catastrophizing, and lies. In some instances, it can go as far as causing deaths, as it has done for some unfortunate individuals who refused the Covid-19 vaccine based on disinformation. Led by Angela Saini, Challenging Pseudoscience Group at the Royal Institution was established to understand and challenge this worrying development, and this is how our study into Covid-19 vaccine scepticism was born.

Valent Projects and Telltale Research, designed a research study that would help to get a better idea of who is following these conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine, how they have come to believe in misinformation about the vaccine, why they do so, and what can be done about it.

“Telltale Research could not have been more professional, careful or thoughtful in their approach to this project. I was stunned by the high level of care put into the research, and it showed in terms of the results. The outcome far exceeded all our expectations. This was entirely due to the painstaking efforts in engaging with participants, selecting them, and drawing the most valuable insights from their words. They kept us informed throughout and hit our brief exactly.” Angela Saini, Science Journalist & Author

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A publicly available version of our report (without our strategic recommendations) can be downloaded from our website: There you will also find a link to the YouTube video, which was informed by our insights.




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