Webinar: Mushrooms have a branding issue

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Indeemo   Mushrooms are having a moment. But as the functional shroom category booms (think mushroom coffees, teas, powders, supplements, chocolates, blends and super blends), what does it mean to a myco-curious audience who still associate mushrooms with grilled cheese or magic (the illegal kind)? In this session, […]

Five Big AI Trends for Researchers and Insight Professionals

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Qualzy Join Mike Stevens, Founder of Insight Platforms and What Next Strategy & Planning, as well as an ICG member, where he'll talk about developments in AI that will have s big impact on researchers going forward: synthetic data AI agents multimodal assistants empathetic language models asynchronous video Mike […]

Your Shortcut from Raw Data Inputs to Dynamic Reports

Please join this 30-min Lunch&Learn from DataTile (who are also ICG members). DataTile is a cutting-edge survey analysis software conceived by a mathematician and data scientist. It is  dedicated to streamlining the entire data processing work flow from raw data to meaningful insights. It serves the diverse roles of data processing, seamlessly integrating them in […]

ICG’s Half-Hour Coffee And Connect


FREE A monthly half-hour get-together with fellow ICG members at the start of each month, with a particular welcome to new members, offering the opportunity to chat through anything you’d like to about the ICG, about your work issues, business matters etc. No need to pre-register. Just login if you can make it. You never know who’ll […]

ICG Summer Party (with an arty twist) 2024

The Atlas Pub, 16 Seagrave Road, Fulham, London SW6 1RX

Generously sponsored by Rigour Research and Qualzy, with first drinks from Field Notes.  Proudly bringing you this year's Summer Party - with an arty twist! What is this 'arty twist?' As something a little different, we’d like to invite people to embrace their artistic side. So much of our work can feel functional – from […]