Commissioning qualitative research

16 May 2012 | Research & Business Knowledge

Qualitative research is used by all sorts of clients in commercial and public sectors, for consumer and business-to-business markets. It helps develop new products and advertising campaigns, explore attitudes and behaviours, understand customer needs.

We all know and love qualitative research….or do we?

Many qualitative practitioners report that some very bad habits are creeping into qualitative research. Habits that threaten to undermine research quality and, ultimately, waste clients’ money. And the bad habits often emanate from clients themselves!

This Guide looks at the common problems that arise in commissioning qualitative research. It offers solid advice on how to avoid them, including what to do when attending group discussions as an observer and how to get the best out of the often overlooked area of recruitment.

It is not a beginners’ guide to qualitative research and it is not a qualitative researchers’ training tool. It’s for clients who already commission qualitative research and who want to make sure they get the best out of it. Download a PDF of the guide using the link on the right.