The Creative Workshop – A Practical Guide

18 Apr 2015 | Webinars

It’s a subject that’s come up many times in our e-group discussions: we want to run workshops that meet our clients’ objectives and are also remembered by all participants as fun, useful and inspiring times shared together.

There are many different kinds of workshop, and many ways to run them, but there are key principles that underly their success; there is a basic set of tools and techniques that always serves you well as a creative facilitator.

This webinar was delivered by Caroline Pakel, a long-standing ICG member, who gave us a taste of how a workshop can be run smoothly, playfully and productively. Whether you are a novice workshop facilitator or have some experience, there will be something in this webinar which will help you improve the delivery of your next workshop!

Caroline started her career as a specialist cross-cultural qualitative researcher and re-trained as a creative facilitator about ten years ago. She runs sessions and events for small and large groups with the need to discuss, collaborate, problem-solve, strategise, visualise, create or innovate. Her client base is mostly from the corporate world but she also often collaborates with others from other worlds – including a number of ICG members over recent years – bringing her range of creative facilitation skills and experiences. She has also been running the MRS course on idea generation for the last 5 years.