Customer Journey Mapping – A Beginners Guide

21 Oct 2016 | Webinars

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Indeemo – the in-the-moment, mobile qual and ethnography platform that delivers richer insights, faster.

As consumers, most of us are highly attuned in our personal lives to good and bad customer experience. As insight professionals, many of us will be familiar with measuring the customer experience – for example in customer satisfaction studies. The fields of Insight and of Customer Experience are related but they are not always as closely aligned as they could be.

One tool which helps to bridge the gap between Insight and Customer Experience work is Customer Journey Mapping. You might have heard of this but not be sure what it is. Or you might be wondering how to do it, and what to do with it.

Customer Journey Mapping also helps to bridge another gap – that between love (for the customer) and money (financial success). The evidence shows that those organisations which deliver a good customer experience, and those which actively manage the customer experience, reap the rewards in terms of increased shareholder value compared to those which do not. Customer Journey Mapping is an important first step in that direction.

So put on your boots of discovery and allow us to guide you gently along the road of Customer Journey Mapping. At the end of our short trip together you will be able to:

  • create a customer journey map yourself
  • use a customer journey map to improve the customer experience

This webinar was presented jointly by Alvin Jackson, Chief Executive of Spectrum CX and ICG member, Jane Woolley. Alvin and Jane run the Market Research Society’s training course on Customer Experience, which includes a section on customer journey mapping. Alvin is a customer experience specialist with extensive experience in customer experience strategy, design and implementation. His company, Spectrum CX, provides training, coaching and development in customer experience. Before becoming an independent consultant, Jane was Head of Customer & Stakeholder Insight at London Underground.