Cyber crime prevention video campaign

04 Jul 2017 | Research & Business Knowledge

We have recently come across a whitepaper that looks at why SME's are the favourite targets of hackers and explains how to keep them out of your network – find out where the new threats are coming from and how to protect yourself.

In addition, the Met has just released five video clips aimed at helping web users become less vulnerable to cyber crime and inform web users how to avoid becoming victims by adjusting their online behaviour.

In 2016, 750,000 fraud and computer misuse crimes were reported to police – but many of these crimes could have been prevented by adopting good online habits.  The video clips cover the five main causes of cyber-related fraud:

  • Weak or insecure passwords
  • Installation of security updates
  • Insecure WiFi
  • Identity theft
  • Phishing

Each video uses examples of crime, and gives advice on how to protect yourself from cyber criminals trying to streal your identify and money.  Only a couple of minutes long each, they are well worth an investment of time and have step by step guices.

View the clips, or find more prevention, reporting advice and downloadable guides.