Digital & Online Recorders

22 May 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

Following an e-group conversation we have collated the experiences and recommendations for digital & online recorders…

Digital recorders

Online recording tools

Skype recording

Microsoft is finally bringing Skype into the 21st Century (and in line with Zoom) by adding call recording. You need to upgrade to Version 8 to get this and other new features – and to download Version 8  Here is how to record your Skpe calls (you click on the + symbol during the call) – > >

You can record audio and video calls – all screens that are shared will be incorporated in the recording. Everyone on the call will see a notification that the call is being recorded, so it won’t come as a surprise! Recorded calls are available for 30 days, and you can download them during this time period to keep them permanently.

If you have any other suggestions to add to the list, do drop me a line with the details…