Example Non Disclosure Agreement

02 Feb 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

Following a recent e-group request, Martin Hollis has very kindly allowed us to publish a Non Disclosure Agreement template for use by ICG members.  

Note:  Whilst this is a good starting point, it is the responsibility of each individual member to ensure that this meets their needs and is up to date. 

Disclaimer:  The ICG takes no responsibility for this NDA or how it is used.  These examples were posted prior to GDPR so will need to be updated…

Potential respondent NDAs

You will be paid $XX.00 for your participation today; you agree this is sufficient compensation for participation, which includes your agreement to abide by this Confidentiality Agreement.

Example 2

Prior to beginning the Study, please read and acknowledge your adherence to the following confidentiality agreement 

I acknowledge by signing below and accepting the offered incentive payment, to keep all information about the interview and ideas presented and discussed, completely confidential and agree not to disclose such information to any other party. As to members of my household, I agree that they are also under this same obligation of confidentiality.

Example 3

You have agreed to take part in an interview and to see and evaluate a new  product idea.  The ideas and information in the interview are confidential and you agree that you will not communicate to anyone, including family members and close friends, any details about what you saw or heard in the session. 

By signing below and accepting the incentive, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to keep everything you will see and hear during the interview strictly confidential.