Following The #Covid Conversation Using MR Tools & Talent: RECORDING

22 Jul 2021 | Webinars

This webinar was generously sponsored by Web Creator Suite

In this webinar, Matt Gibbs, Founder and MD of Bayes Price (and ICG member), share his knowledge on a collaboration project between Bayes Price and Red Centre Software – a cutting-edge MR tech provider, based in Australia.

They’ve been tracking the #Covid conversation since in Jan 2020, gathering over 20 million tweets (for free) via Twitter’s API.

Through presenting this case study, this webinar will:

  1. Empower researchers with the knowledge they need to access, analyse, and visualise any Big Qual databases, not just Twitter, using many of the tools and skills they already have.
  2. Emphasize how the wider world of BI data users have processing and analysis challenges, to which, our industry’s tech and talent is a perfect fit.
  3. Promote our real-time free-access visualisation, as another contribution from our industry to the World’s Covid insights.
  4. Prove how international SME collaboration can punch way above its weight.
  5. Inspire ICG members to get involved and help expand the project!

The webinar is a 3-part presentation:

  • Part 1 will discuss the tech aspects of gathering twitter data, SQL storage, and the benefits of flowing that data into a market researching environment.
  • Part 2 will unpick the automated techniques that provide a ‘forest-eye view’ of such a vast amount of unstructured text.  Syuzhet Sentiment Scores, NRC Emotion Lexicon, Machine Learning solutions, and tracking conversation sub-topics.
  • Part 3 will bring things to life with some interpretation and insight.  The analysis and visualisation of what is probably the loudest global online conversation ever recorded. The Covid pandemic.

Please see the viz here

About Matt

Matt is an ICG member who enjoys conversation, music, beer & crispy nibbles. If you can throw cricket into that mix…more’s the pleasure!

He’s Founder & Managing Director of Bayes Price: specialising in survey data to offer collection, analysis, visualisation & insight to the Market Research & Business Intelligence communities.  He enjoys merging established theory with contemporary technique, promoting innovation and collaboration throughout the industry.

As Vice Chair of the Association for Survey Computing (ASC) Matt volunteers to organise conferences & events that bring research, technology & statistics together.   Matt’s also Chair of the TSAPI Steering Group, a global initiative to define a single API standard for transferring survey data.

He’s very keen to help facilitate communications between anyone interested in better connecting MR with the wider BI world.