Following the #Covid conversation using MR tools

06 Apr 2022 | Research & Business Knowledge

Matt Gibbs of Bayes Price recently held a webinar for ICG members and in this short article Matt gives us some more detail and further links.

In collaboration with Red Centre Software, Bayes Price are tracking one of the most significant global events to happen to humanity in living memory – the covid pandemic.  At the time of writing, they’ve collated and analysed over 30million #Covid tweets, creating interactive free-to-all visuals on Tableau Public, which everyone can explore.  See for yourself how sentiment & discussion topics have shifted over time:

The team deploy an MR tech framework to apply Syuzhet sentiment, the NRC Emotion Lexicon, Topics Tags and ML algorithms to the free-text tweets.  They’ve also shared info in ICG how-to vids, so anyone can mirror the approach:

The overall ambitions for this project are to…

  1. Contribute towards the global knowledge base, which helps us all make sense of our collective experience.  Please share with anyone you think might be interested.
  2. Show how MR techniques are not just ‘relevant’ in the contemporary context, but are often the optimal solution
  3. Empower other MR practitioners to deploy these advanced techniques in their own work.

If you’d like any further information on the project, or to get access to the team’s new Excel-based tool for running this kind of analysis on any text data you have (including qual transcripts!), please contact

Matt Gibbs of Bayes Price is an ICG member specialising in survey data.  Bayes Price offer collection, analysis, visualisation and insight to the MR and BI communities.