Global Research beyond the norm…

07 Jan 2019 | Research & Business Knowledge

Whilst working in a number of unusual research destinations, James Tattersfield of Polar Research found it a challenge to find good, solid and recommended research resources.

He began to think about how disparate trusted research agency / freelancer information can be, outside of the global research hubs – and as a result, he  knocked up …


The *G*lobal *R*esearch *A*gency *D*irectory (*U*nlimited *A*ccess *L*icence) 

Open to all, James hopes that he has created a central, live resource and aid for researchers operating in some of the super exciting but less common research destinations.

Follow this link to find the resource:

This is an open access resource so anyone can make a contribution or comment – if you are able to contribute please do.  If you have any queries, please contact

Many thanks to James for developing, and sharing this.