HMRC tax and NI guides for small businesses

05 Sep 2016 | Research & Business Knowledge

Many small business owners are experts in what they do but can struggle with the adminstrative or 'technical' aspects of running a consultancy.

Here we have collated a number of useful resources for the new, and established, business owner to help with setting up and running a small business from a tax and NI perspective.

  • How do you set up/ register a small business?  This government site looks at different business structures, how to register the business and gives guidance on NI and VAT, employing people, setting up a bank account and other support for businesses in the UK
  • How to deal with tax/ NI, and keep correct business records – an e-learning course from HMRC which goes through the basics
  • Useful HMRC business tax webinars and resources.  A surpisingly useful site that includes a whole host of information (webinars, e-learning, videos etc) about running a small business