How do you show clients how much you love them?

25 Feb 2016 | Research & Business Knowledge

How Do You Show Your Clients How Much You Love Them?

There are four simple ways to grow your business, which I’ve written about in my book, Magnetic Marketing. They are:

  1. Sell more of your existing services to your existing clients
  2. Sell new services to your existing clients
  3. Sell more of your existing services to new clients
  4. Sell new services to new clients

The simplest of these strategies are the first two. Your existing clients already know and love you – they are already buying from you. So they are easiest people to approach to see if they want to buy more from you. They are the first people you should approach if you develop a new service. But how do you show your existing clients how much you love them? How do you keep in touch with them, to make it easier to sell more or new services to them?

The answer is to keep in touch with them by giving them things that they need. There are many ways in which you can keep in touch, including:

Email newsletters – some people think they’ve had their day, but I disagree. Share useful advice every month, rather than pushing sales onto your clients and they’ll keep reading and buying from you. They will also forward your newsletter to potential clients for you.

Blogs – think about the problems that your clients struggle with. Write the solutions into your blogs – be generous and just give away the solution. Put your blogs and newsletters onto your website, because search engines love content and websites that are updated regularly.

How to Guides – if a client has a particular problem that you can solve for them, write a guide, booklet or ebook about it, which gives you the space to go into real detail and depth. Then send it out to all your clients.

Social media – if you’re giving away your advice in newsletters and blogs, it’s really easy to break down the long content into a big series of tweets and LinkedIn updates. Give away bite sized solutions and answers to problems.

Videos – if you’ve written about it, you can talk about it to a video camera. If you record a short video about a topic, you can then create a blog post by transcribing your words. You can easily create short videos for specific clients or groups of clients and send them to them.

Workshops and talks – run seminars or clinics for your clients, where you just share advice and answer their questions. Record your talks and give the videos to your clients.

Keep in touch with your clients and show them, on a regular basis, how much you love them, by answering all their questions. When you do this, they will keep coming back to buy from you again and again; and they’ll recommend you to potential clients too.


Chantal Cornelius , AppleTree UK