How is the UK public responding to Covid-19

05 Apr 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

Dan Young, from Shed Research has been trawling the various studies that are monitoring consumer opinions and behaviours.

He has pulled together research and insights from these various studies and created a coherent narrative that looks at how the UK public is thinking, feeling and coping during the crisis. Headlines include

  • The message about social distancing is clear – although the guidance around self isolation is less so
  • People are worried
    • for the more vulnerable sections of society
    • for their financial wellbeing both in the short and long term
  • But panic buying of basic groceries seems to be over
  • There is a rise in online shopping
  • There will be some positive social and commercial outcomes from the pandemic – what these are is a developing situation
  • People expect a recession – which will hit younger generations hard (already struggling with high debt, low wage growth and housing inflation)
  • Covid-19 may have a lasting impact on metal health, increasing the need for support

See Dan’s full report here.