How NOT to get Lost In Translation

24 Jun 2015 | Webinars

In this global marketplace, a large chunk of research is conducted internationally. So what is the recipe for successful multi-lingual research? Language and translation are two core elements to getting multi-lingual market research right. If you are doing more and more international research on any platform, this Webinar will be useful to ensuring your research is not ‘Lost in Translation’.

The ICG has brought together two multi-lingual experts – one is an experienced international market researcher and the other is a former researcher now fully committed to the translation industry – who guide us through multi-lingual research & translation

Anumita Sharma
Managing Director, the third eye MARKETING INTELLIGENCE.RESEARCH UK
Anumita is an MBA in Marketing, with 20+ years of international MR experience in over 45 countries. She speaks, reads, writes Hindi and English fluently. She understands and speaks Urdu fluently and understands some Marathi, Gujarati & Bengali. She has travelled to over 40 countries conducting research in languages as diverse as Chinese and Arabic. Nowadays, she conducts a lot of online research and is building her understanding on how language and translation are being shaped within this new platform.

Silvia Dürrsperger
Silvia is Strategic Accounts Director at Language Connect, a global language service provider. She has a Masters in Applied Communication, is fluent in German, English and Spanish and is a former international healthcare market researcher [8+ years]. Language, translation and market research are very dear to Silvia’s heart and in this webinar she talks about how to run multi-lingual projects most effectively.