How Qualitative Research is Affected by GDPR

07 Aug 2018 | Research & Business Knowledge

On May 25 of this year, we all became bound by new regulations on data protection. Now, it’s hard to remember life before GDPR, and these four letters are having a major impact on our industry.
While numerous resources have cropped up to provide guidelines and checklists that are relevant to market research, many qualitative practitioners have indicated the need for guidance on some of the specific issues that we face. Qualitative research arguably includes more sensitive touchpoints with participants than other approaches, and as such, many of us interact with data that we want to protect appropriately.  
To address some of these concerns, and to gauge the need for an on-going qualitative GDPR resource, the AQR has teamed up with ESOMAR to bring you a qual-focused webinar to answer some of our most pressing questions:

  • What exactly does “informed consent” look like in a qualitative context?
  • Do we still have permission to use video clips in reports? What steps do we need to take to continue using this powerful reporting tool while being respectful of participant privacy?
  • What is the stance on using tools like WhatsApp as part of a qualitative methodology?
  • For online communities, what processes should we insist on from our platform providers to ensure that the discussion is compliant?
  • In what cases must we disclose the company or brand sponsoring the research?

Nikki Lavoie, member of the board and Director at MindSpark Research International, will be speaking with Kim Leonard Smouter-Umans, Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR.


Listen to this webinar here. It will be available until Summer 2019.