How to boost investor confidence with market research and competitor analysis

25 Aug 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

At the end of July, ICG member Phil Gray (Constellation-I) was invited on to the panel of the latest ‘I am a Founder’ Webinar to discuss ‘How to Boost Investor Confidence with Market Research and Competitor Analysis’.

The Webinar was hosted by Ignition Financial, a Finance and Accountancy practice focussing on bringing Founders and Investors together, and was intended for UK Start-ups and Scale-ups who are mostly tech-driven organisations (and not MR Professionals!).

In this Webinar, the panel explored why you should simplify value propositions, understand the importance of market validation and the role of primary and secondary market research.

In summary, the panel concluded that:

  • Successful value propositions are proven: market validation provides comfort to both Investors and Founders
  • Winning pitch decks are data-driven: helping both Investors and Founders to reduce risk and increase confidence in decisions

The full recording can be viewed on YouTube.