How to research and understand alternative culture

14 Mar 2013 | Research & Business Knowledge

With the globe shrinking, ICG members are increasingly being asked to conduct work across geographical and cultural boundaries. In response to an increase in enquiries in the egroup, ICG members Iris Griffiths and Jessica Shepherd provided us with some practical do’s and don’ts when conducting fieldwork abroad or with cultural minorities.

Harnessing the know-how of two of our most experienced ethnic researchers, the discussions provided many practical hints and tips throughout the project – from selecting an agency through to interpreting the results within a cultural context.

This is a must for anyone who conducts work both within, and beyond, UK borders.

You can find more information about Iris on her page and more information about Jessica on her page on this website.

Listen to the audio recordings by selecting the appropriate links in the right hand column on this page. You can also download the presentations.