ICG Café East met at North in Norwich

28 Sep 2017 | ICG News & Announcements

ICG Café East met at North in Norwich

Four local ICG members attended the latest ICG Café East in Norwich.  Our discussion topic was recruitment; best methods, newer approaches, practical and compliance issues, local resources, etc.  Once the conversation got going, we found there was a lot to talk about!   Topics included the black box nature of recruitment, client’s expectations and requirements for recruitment, the likely effect of the new MRS recruiter accreditation scheme, the impact of GDPR on recruitment practices, and the concept of two sides of quality in recruitment (appropriateness/representativeness of respondents and compliance to guidance/legislation).

We also discussed the ups and downs of our own experiences and shared tips.  A few of the interesting points included:

  • What to do when no respondents show up to a focus group or the wrong type of respondents show up?!
  • Who provides the best recruitment?  Small/independent recruiters or large panel companies?
  • Have we used social media for recruitment, how did we do this and how well does it work?

As a group we decided that increasing transparency (and therefore improving quality) should be the number one priority of the research community in terms of improving the recruitment process.

The next ICG Café East will be held on 3 November, 11 am at North in Norwich.  The topic will be DIY research.  All ICG members and their guests are welcome!