ICG Christmas Party

21 Dec 2017 | ICG News & Announcements

ICG Christmas Party

Corkey Gormly reports on the recent Christmas Party held in London.

For those of you that dont know, Corkey aquired her 'royal' reputation as a result of her habit of taking late night taxi's home after fieldwork – from Manchester to London!  This report is written from her alta-ego….

One feels at this time of the year that one really should resurrect one¹s royal persona, which has been left languishing for some considerable time.

One sometimes wonders, has one been sadly missed?

One would like to issue a word of thanks to Lucie and all the members of the ICG who attended the wonderfully enjoyable and fun Christmas lunch at The Refinery on Friday.

The tables all looked beautiful, the venue was light and bright,  and all the waiting staff were wonderful because, you know, it wasn¹t an easy task squeezing between the tables!

I would vote it a great success, and the food and wine were all delicious.

Well, if you had soup and turkey & cheese & biscuits and the merlot, they were anyway …

One may have imbibed sufficient quantities at the lunch that one became gloriously indiscreet ­ but hey,  who doesn¹t want to let their hair down sometimes?

One wandered home with  one¹s crown at a rakish angle, revived by a quick cup of tea before one popped out to the local pub.

One hopes that other members enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

It was all jolly good fun, and let¹s start thinking of a venue for next year!

Wishing everyone a sparkling Christmas and a Merry New Year,

Princess Corkey