ICG survey into the issue of ‘fraudulent’ respondents

02 Jun 2016 | Research & Business Knowledge

In March 2016, the e-group experienced what seemed like an avalanche of posts (112 in the eight days March 17-24) about respondents who misrepresent their eligibility to take part in qualitative research. 

A poll of members who work in qualitative research reveals that 68% have encountered ‘fraudulent’ respondents within the last two years.  The vast majority say the problem arises only rarely or occasionally, but 38% say it is happening more often than it did 10 years ago.

Full details are in the survey report, including locations and market sectors that members identify as particularly prone to respondent ‘fraud’.  

The report is intended for members’ eyes only.  Please don’t share it with non-members. 

Thanks to Gill Wales for conducting the poll, the 139 members who took part in the poll and to Peter Martin for hosting it.  In particular, thanks to the 20 members who volunteered to help the ICG work on tackling the problem. 

As a result of the poll, the Committee’s intention is to not go public with these findings but, Committee member Lynne Chapman will be in contact with the 20 volunteers (ie those who provided their contact details in the poll itself) to seek to influence MRS policy makers.

It anyone has any queries about the poll or the results, please contact Gill Wales ( via the e-group.

Our apologies for the delay in publishing this report.