ICG Webinar: IR35 And Its Effect On All Off Payroll Workers, Contract And Temporary Workers

06 Feb 2020 | Webinars

This webinar was generously sponsored by Perspective Research Services

With advice from Cognitive Law and specialist knowledge from governing body ASPCo, ENI have produced some information on IR35 and the legislative changes coming in April 2020.

IR35 should be coming into effect for the private sector on April 6th 2020. How much do you know about it and its effect on you?

This webinar covered the basics of IR35, how the upcoming developments may affect contractors and companies, situations in which you’d fall into IR35 and when you’d be exempt from it, and how contract work commissioned by larger companies may be affected.

A webinar for anyone who contracts their services out to other organisations.

This webinar was run by Liz Norman of recruitment specialists Elizabeth Norman International. Liz cares passionately about our industry and has been struck over the last months with how few contractors know anything about this legislation. She believes that the legislation may have the following effects;

  • It may create a very divided market for freelancers/contractors, as they will only be able to work in the traditional way for ‘small’ companies and agencies.
  • Medium and large companies including large consultancies and the end client may stop using contractors and freelancers altogether.
  • The other option will be large companies give the work they are currently commissioning to contractors to contractors through a recruitment consultancy or umbrella company, or take them on as permanent employees (which is the option a couple of the large research agencies are looking at)

More about Liz Norman

Liz Norman is the Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Norman International, which specialises in recruiting both permanent and contract roles for the market research, data and insight industry. With over 30 years’ knowledge of the industry, Liz has partnered with a number of leading industry bodies, as well as working as a mentor to both individuals and clients.