ICG website – two years on…

04 Feb 2019 | ICG News & Announcements

ICG website – two years on…

I know – it is hard to believe, but the new website was launched nearly two years ago!

It seems only a short time ago that we launched the website, but time marches on – as does technology and security developments and challenges and we need to ensure that we continue to invest in the website so that it continues to be both robust and functional.

In order to best focus the budget available, we are now taking a look at how we can modernise the website both in terms of the 'back end' (security) and 'front end' (functionality and look and feel) to ensure it continues to meet the needs of members.  The review will specficially address:

  • Security issues, making sure that the site is able to withstand any concerted attacks and mitigating any vulnerabilities that may exist
  • Reviewing back end processes to streamline them and introduce automoation wherever possible including introduction of Direct Debit payment options etc.
  • Exploring additional functionality such as collaboration areas and forums that we may wish to introduce to the webiste
  • Improving our analytics so that we are able to look at which areas are working well and not so well
  • Updating the egroup to make it easier to use and less cumbersome to review archived topics 

We are currently in our financial planning cycle, and thinking about what our website goals and priorities should be next year, we thought it would be a good opportunity to invite you, the membership, to comment and make constructive suggestions on the website … how it can be made better for you and for potential clients etc.

We would also like a handful of members to undertake a deep review of the current site – spend some time working around the site, looking at what works well and where the site needs improvement.

Whilst we can’t promise to do everything, the feedback will be invaluable to help us prioritise our efforts for the next 12 months.

Please send any comments you may have to, and if you would like to volunteer to be a ‘website reviewer’ please email Lucie ( and we will be in touch.